martedì 18 aprile 2017

back to Home from a Belgian comicon. lot of fun and workmates from any part of Europe but i'm a bit tired now.

anyway... i leave here another illustration for dragon age books

and some pages  in b/w of "Maitres Inquisiteurs" book 6 
soon some interesting news!

giovedì 9 marzo 2017

hi guys.
i'm very busy at the moment.
i have received the first  four pages in color of my "mecha" project. i'm very happy because the colorist (Claudia Palescandolo) have done an incredible job. i can't show them because it's all top secret for the moment.
anyway, here is the main character and first page of the next project with mr. Olivier Peru and some other little stuff like a splash page from book 6 of "maitres inquisiteurs" ( on sale now!)

hasta pronto.

lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

a lot of stuff from my last projects!  
first one, illustrations for  a dragon age books serie ( this one is from "the calling")
now a page from the Geste des Chevaliers Dragons, i'm entering just now in the last ten pages.

 ...and finally, the big project i'm glad to show to the public. first 3 books ( ...of may be more longer series), 44 pages each one, all with me as regular artist. Jean-Pierre Pécau as writer.
mecha-post war world- Siberian matters.

 ... another little news. i'm the chosen artist for the fifth tome of Ork and Goblins with mr. Olivier Peru as writer(Delcourt/Soleil-2018)
and, for now, that's all!

martedì 3 gennaio 2017

the new year begin with a lot of great news ( well. for me).
1  episode four of Alan Dracon finished.
2  finished the tome 6 ( 72 pages) of the french serie Maitres Inquisiteurs.
3  finished 6 illustrations for  the first book of a Dragon age series (dark horse)
4 i'm invited for the Angoulême comicon

while i'm working for Geste ( soleil), i'm speaking about some really interesting projects for 2017. REALLY INTERESTING PROJECTS.
i'll post some images if it's came true :-)

a page from Alan Dracon issue 4...

and some other stuff...

lunedì 29 agosto 2016

i'm working on the chapter 4 of Alan Dracon.  the first fight (may be the last?) with killer Kanoo!  deadline  passed away, but i can't do a bad work with this story. every page have to communicate exactly what i want. here is the cover in black and white and colors.


martedì 23 agosto 2016

after  8 pages in book 21, i'm working at Geste des chevaliers dragons
again. this time a full book for me. it's a great news because i'm very fan of this french serie and i feel a great mix of funny and responsibility...
i finished page 46 of Maitres inquisitors t6 too ( another 14 pages till the end)soon published in Lanfeust Magazine in 8 pages episode format and in free time ( what is this?) i'm working in the issue 4 of my own comic book Alan Dracon.

a very busy end of vacances...

here are some study of a dead project.

mercoledì 17 agosto 2016

 after a little pause on the beach i'm back to office. I've really enjoyed the London film and comics convention where i have meet great comic book artists and i have been able to see really really near legends such Rughter Hauer (the replicant nexux 6!, in the same elevator!) and Carl Weathers
A special mention for El Torres, one of the best horror ( and not) spanish writers. it's ever a pleasure.

Now a lot of projects in the desktop. Geste, Maitres inquisitors, a book for Dark Horse (star trek coloring book) and the fourth chapter of Alan Dracon.
October will be interesting. another personal project on mind and a big hope.

here is  some sample of my last works

see you on comics.